DKA has over 30 years experience in plastering. Only the highest qualified plasterers are with DKA!

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DKA provides exceptional stucco services. Visit our gallery to view some of DKA's latest stucco projects!

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Commercial/Residential Projects

DKA is specialized in both commercial and residential settings. DKA provides a wide range of services - whatever your needs, contact DKA today to request a quote today!

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DKA Services

DKA has been providing plastering, stucco, and other construction services to the Lafayette area for over 30 years. DKA has an understanding of what local business and residents need when it comes to projects. Our services are prompt, high quality, and reasonably priced with friendly and professional staff. All projects are discussed at length with the customer to ensure that all projects are carried through with exact precision.


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Do you have a need for professional plastering, stucco, or other construction services? Call DKA today at 765-743-4049 or send an email to Alex Marty at Friendly professionals are only a call away!

DKA Plastering is a proud supporter of the Chicago Cubs.